What Makes Aswan Special?

The immortal city of Aswan has always been one of the main tourist destinations in Egypt due to the unmatched and infinite amount of pure ancient Egyptian beauty and brilliance. Aswan has acted as the southern frontier of Egypt throughout ancient times and the home to many pre-historical monuments & artifacts that describe the influential role the city played in the creation of Egypt's legacy. It is able to gain a considerable amount of popularity throughout the 60s after the construction of the Aswan High Dam which led to the possible destruction of the Great Abu Simbel temple and Philea Temple which they are of the must be visited attractions through Nile cruise, but thanks to the UNESCO's effort the temples were able to survive in the most challenging architecture rescue mission in history. The entire city became one of the UNESCO Creative Cities network in the category of folk art and craft.

General Ideal About Aswan

Aswan is located 890 km (553 mi) south of Cairo in upper Egypt where it is by far the largest city. The climate is hot all year long but it is at its lowest in the winter from October to April so if you decided to visit Egypt and check out Aswan then Egypt tour packages is the ideal company you are looking for. During ancient times the city used to be called "Sywan" which means market because it acted a portal to the heart to Africa where important goods like Gold and ivory can be obtained. The number of ancient monuments all over Egypt where built using rocks and building materials only found in Aswan. The city had a deep religious nature to the Nile because it was believed that it was the source of the Nile.

The Most Famous Attractions in Aswan

One of the most important monuments is the temple of Abu Simbel which consists of two temples were constructed around 1224 BC by Ramses II to honor the sacred gods who are Amon, Ptah, Re-Hor-Akhty, immortalize his legacy of great achievements and victories like his triumph at the battle of Kadesh against the Hitties in 1274 BC and to shoe his affection to his wife Nefertiti. The temple is celebrated on the 22 of February and October when the light enter the temple, illuminate the temple and the faces of the gods.

The close connection between the Nile and Aswan led to the creation of the double temple of Kom Ombo A.K.A the temple of Sobek "the crocodile god" who is believed his tears is the Nile waters, it also honored the sky god Hours. The construction of the temple stared in the Ptolemaic dynasty between 180-47 BC by the hands of Ptolemy V. One of the monuments that should not be missed is the temple Edfu " House of Horus" which was constructed in the Ptolemaic period between 237 BC and 57 BC on the location believed to be where the battle between the sky god Horus and his evil uncle Set the desert god took place. Aswan also bares the massive unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut that gives a glimpse of how such structures were built. If you want to witness all the above with your own eyes then Egypt tours is one click away, you will enjoy the best service in the finest country with them.


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